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Developer(s) Marco Cirillo
Initial release May 12, 2013 (2013-05-12)
Stable release
3.7 / March 9, 2015[1]
Written in Lua
Operating system Unix-like
Type XMPP server
License ISC License, MIT License
Website Official Website

Metronome is a light-weight XMPP server written in Lua based on Prosody. It's aimed to provide advanced features and an extensive PubSub[2] and Microblogging over XMPP support[3] while maintaining a low resource usage footprint.


Coding of Metronome started in August 2012 due to the increasing needs to customize the Prosody codebase to suit the LW.Org IM[4] xmpp service requirements. Initially the codebase was not meant to be released, but after the adoption by the Jappix main service,[5] the code was opensourced and released under a dual ISC/MIT License.[6]


Jappix (Official Service) a web-based IM Social Platform/XMPP Client, which uses Metronome as backend.

Movim (Official Pod)[1] a distributed web-based social platform, which uses Metronome as backend.

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