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Diploma from Mexico City College, 1948 (in Latin)

Mexico City College was founded in 1940, as an English-speaking junior college in Mexico City, Mexico.

In 1946, the college became a four-year Bachelor of Arts degree-awarding institution, changing its name to University of the Americas in 1963. In 1968, the college became Universidad de las Americas, as it began the transition into a Spanish-speaking institution, culminating in its move to Cholula, Puebla, in 1971.

Because of internecine problems the campus then split into two separate institutions:

Unfortunately the UDLAP websites about MCC exalumnos are usually offline; UDLA does not have an alumni website, but a Yahoo! group has a handful of former MCCers who frequently chat about MCC and are managing to keep its history alive.

Ceramist Irma Peralta is a graduate of Mexico City College.[1]


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See the article by Richard Wilkie "Dangerous Journeys: Mexico City College Students and the Mexican Landscape, 1954-1962" in *[1] This is a free download at