Mercado Medellín

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Mercado Medellín
Mercado Medellín.jpg
Mercado Medellín is located in Mexico City Central
Mercado Medellín
Location in central/western Mexico City
General information
Coordinates19°24′37″N 99°09′48″W / 19.410349°N 99.163432°W / 19.410349; -99.163432

The Mercado de Medellín ("Medellín market"), also Mercado Medellín and officially Mercado Melchor Ocampo[1] is a public market located on Medellín street in Colonia Roma Sur neighborhood of Mexico City. It is known as the market in the city where one can find produce and goods from other countries in Latin America such as Colombia and Cuba, whose flags hang from many stalls, as well as from Yucatán in Mexico.[2][3] It has been nicknamed "La Pequeña Habana" (Little Havana), and there are over 500 stalls in total.[4]