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The Mexico City Megalopolis.
Location map

The Mexico City megalopolis, also known as the Megalopolis of Central Mexico (Spanish: Corona regional del centro de México), is a megalopolis containing Greater Mexico City and surrounding metropolitan areas.[1]

In 1996, the Programa General de Desarollo Urbano del Distrito Federal first proposed the concept of a "Megalopolis of Central Mexico", which was later expanded by PROAIRE, a metropolitan commission on the environment.[2]

A megalopolis is known in Spanish as a circuito regional de ciudades ("regional ring of cities"). The Megalopolis of Central Mexico includes the metropolitan areas of Mexico City, Puebla, Cuernavaca, Toluca and Pachuca, which may also form complex subregional rings themselves (i.e. Greater Puebla forming a regional ring with Atlixco, San Martín Texmelucan, Tlaxcala and Apizaco).

The megalopolis consists of 173 municipalities (91 of the state of Mexico, 29 of the state of Puebla, 37 of the state of Tlaxcala, 16 of Morelos and 16 of Hidalgo) and the 16 boroughs of the Federal District,[2] with an approximate total population of almost 27 million people.

Some sources include Greater Querétaro city, with a population of over a million, in a Mexico City megalopolis; the city is also part of the fast-growing macroregion of Bajío.[3]

Component metropolitan areas[edit]

Rank Metropolitan Area Federative Entity 2010 Pop. 2000 Pop. Change
1 Greater Mexico City DF, Mexico, Hidalgo 20,137,152 18,396,677 +9.46%
4 Greater Puebla Puebla, Tlaxcala 2,728,790 2,220,533 +22.89%
5 Greater Toluca Mexico 1,936,126 1,451,801 +33.36%
10 Greater Querétaro Querétaro 1,097,028 816,481 +34.36%
15 Greater Cuernavaca Morelos 875,598 738,326 +18.59%
29 Greater Pachuca Hidalgo 512,180 375,022 +36.57%
30 TlaxcalaApizaco Tlaxcala 499,504 408,401 +22.31%
32 Greater Cuautla Morelos 434,153 358,405 +21.13%
47 Greater Tula Hidalgo 205,848 169,901 +21.16%
Total Mexico City megalopolis 28,426,379 24,935,547 +14.00%