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Mformation Software Technologies LLC.
Acquired by Alcatel-Lucent
Industry Internet of Things, Device Management
Founded Edison, New Jersey, USA (1999)
  • IMPACT (Intelligent Management Platform for All Connected Things)
Slogan The Device Management Company

Mformation Software Technologies is a software company that provides service providers with a secure, scalable, application-independent IoT control platform that provides control and security across multiple industries including automotive, healthcare, utilities, manufacturing and the digital home.

Mformation provides service providers with deep technical expertise in device management standards and innovation in IoT protocol adaptation for connected devices.

Alcatel-Lucent on 17 September 2015 announced that it is acquiring Mformation for an undisclosed amount to strengthen its Customer Experience Management solution.[1]

Mformation has been delivering device management solutions since it was founded in 1999. Founder Dr. Rakesh Kushwaha currently serves as the company's CTO. Kevin A. Wood [2] is the current CEO. Mformation is a member of the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), which works to support, extend and improve the standards for remote device management.


Mformation is headquartered in Woodbridge, New Jersey, with offices and subsidiaries around the globe including Bangalore, India.


Mformation's flagship product line, MFORMATION SERVICE MANAGER, is a comprehensive suite of mobile device management (MDM) software that is designed to help mobile operators remotely manage and control a variety of mobile devices (including cellular phones, PDAs, and smartphones) and the data on them. The suite includes separate products for GSM configuration management, CDMA configuration management, software/application management, firmware management (FOTA), remote device and service diagnostics, security management, and customer experience monitoring.

The company's original focus was on the management of wireless devices for enterprises, with software solutions that were sold directly to enterprises. Currently, the company offers an enterprise management product as part of the MFORMATION SERVICE MANAGER suite that enables mobile operators to provide their enterprise customers with a customized self-care environment via a SaaS (software as a service) delivery model.

The MFORMATION SERVICE MANAGER for WiMAX product, introduced in 2008, provides OMA DM-based WiMAX device management, enabling operators and service providers to activate, provision and manage WiMAX-capable devices and services remotely, just as they do cellular devices and services. This product is part of Sprint’s 2008 launch of its Xohm WiMAX service.

Patent lawsuit[edit]

Mformation sued Research In Motion (RIM) in 2008, accusing it of infringement of two patents. In July 2012, jurors in federal court in San Francisco determined that RIM's software, which lets companies manage workers’ BlackBerry devices remotely, infringed Mformation’s patents. RIM was found liable for $147.2 million in damages[3] but judge overturned the ruling.[4]


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