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The Shalimar Gardens in Baghbanpura, Lahore.

The Mian Arain family of Baghbanpura is a noble family of Lahore, Pakistan.[1]

Belonging to the Arain tribe of Punjab region, they were originally from Areha Jericho in modern Palestine, entered in Indian Sub-Continent with Umayyad Arab General Muhammad Bin Qasim. The family have great contribution in the region since 711 A.D. and owned the land near Baghbanpura on which the Shalimar Gardens were built. The land was handed to the Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan and in return custodianship of the Shalimar Gardens was granted to the family in 1641.[2][page needed] The Mian family ceased to be custodians of the site in 1962, after the imposition of martial law in Pakistan by General Muhammad Ayub Khan.[citation needed]

Descendants of the Baghbanpura family now live in new localities of Lahore but still own land in urban area and the family has its own graveyard in Baghbanpura.

Notable family members[edit]

  • Mian Muhammad Yusaf Manga, was noble Zamindar who was appointed custodian of the famed Shalimar Gardens, Lahore by Mughals, and also received the title of 'Mian' from Mughal emperor Shah Jahan)[3]
  • Justice Mian Shah Din (1868–1918)[4] – Muslim judge in British India, poet and writer.
  • Sir Mian Mohammad Shafi (1869–1932) – Member Viceroy's Executive Council.
  • Mian Sir Muhammad Shah Nawaz[5] – A politician of Punjab in the 1920s.
  • Justice Sir Mian Abdul Rashid – first Chief Justice of Pakistan (1947).
  • Mian Iftikharuddin – Politician, owner of Pakistan Times and Daily Imroz
  • Jahanara Shahnawaz (1896-1979) - Politician and Muslim League activist.[6][7]
  • Mumtaz Shahnawaz (1912-1948) - Political activist and author, who died in a plane crash at the age of 35 en-route to represent Pakistan at the UN General Assembly, the first woman in Asia to preside over a legislative session.
  • Muhammad Yusuf Mian, FASCE (1933-1998) - Civil Engineer, first director of the CDA, responsible for designing downtown Islamabad, Director USAID.
  • Omar Yusuf Mian, MD (1975- ) - Radiation oncologist and physician scientist at Cleveland Clinic.
  • Ali Yusuf Mian, MD (1977- ) - Neuroradiology fellow and researcher at Yale University.
  • Aisha Mian McGill, AB (1978- ) - VP, operations - ASRC Federal


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