Michael Breidenbruecker

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Michael Breidenbruecker
Head and shoulders photo of Michael Breidenbruecker
Breidenbruecker in 2014
Born (1972-01-06) January 6, 1972 (age 47)
Vorarlberg, Austria
ResidenceVorarlberg, Austria
Alma materUniversity of Applied Arts Vienna

Michael Breidenbruecker (born January 6, 1972) is an Austrian entrepreneur, artist and engineer. He is best known as co-founder of Last.fm, founder of RjDj and partner at venture firm Speedinvest [1]. He has been working with artists such as Hans Zimmer, Imogen Heap, Air (French Band), and Booka Shade. In 2011 he produced Inception The App together with Christopher Nolan and Hans Zimmer, which reached number 5 in the US App Store charts.[1] Between 2000 and 2002 he headed the Masters program in Interactive Digital Media at Ravensbourne, College of Design and Communication in London.[2] He studied digital art at the University of Applied Arts Vienna with Professor Peter Weibel.[3]

Business ventures[edit]


He co-founded the internet radio site for streaming music Last.fm Ltd. in 2002 and managed the company as CEO from 2002 until 2005. Using a recommend system called Audioscrobbler, Last.fm records user’s different musical taste and makes recommendations. The site also offers different social networking features, allowing users to share their tastes. In May 2007 Last.fm was acquired by CBS Interactive for US$280 million (UK£140 million).[4] In 2003 Last.fm received an Honorary Mention in the Prix Ars Electronica in the category Net vision.[5]

Lovely Systems[edit]

In 2005 he co-founded Lovely Systems GmbH with Manfred Schwendiger and Jodok Batlogg. Lovely Systems develops large-scale social web portals and is located in Dornbirn/Vorarlberg.[6] In 2006 Lovely Systems created Lovely Books, one of the biggest social networks around books in German speaking countries.[7]


In 2008 he founded RjDj (Reality Jockey Ltd.), a London-based music technology startup. RjDj produced and distributed a network of mobile applications and sold additional musical content within this network.[8]

Mobile applications created with RjDj:


in 2012 he joined the team behind Zurich-based app discover startup 42matters.[9]

Hilkat 146[edit]

In October 2013 he founded the company Hilkat 146 GmbH which is 100% owned by him firmenabc.net.[10] This company is a front for several brands and projects spearheaded by Michael, among them rawr.at, an online service for opinion-data collection and distribution, similar to Disqus but narrower in spectrum.


Michael Breidenbruecker was born in Vorarlberg/Austria and lives there with his wife and kids.[11]


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