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Michael Norman in 2009

Michael Norman (born June 29, 1947) is an American author known for his supernatural book series Haunted which he has written alongside fellow author Beth Scott. Norman, who hails from Illinois, graduated with a master's degree from Northern Illinois University in 1969. He worked at the University of Wisconsin–River Falls journalism department from 1973 until his retirement in May 2003. Michael had a guest appearance on the Cartoon Network talk show Space Ghost Coast to Coast on March 8, 1996 in Atlanta, Georgia with Bill Nye the Science Guy in its twenty-fourth episode, Boo!. He later spoke about Haunted Hollywood on the Travel Channel, which was Number 9 on the countdown of World's Creepiest Destinations. This author has a wife named Janell and a son named James.


Haunted series[edit]

With Beth Scott[edit]



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  • Nye and Riley Tonight!


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