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Michael Redmond (born October 1950)[1] is an Irish stand-up comedian from Blackrock, Dublin,[2] known for playing Father Stone in the Father Ted episode "Entertaining Father Stone".[3][4] He has a deadpan style of delivery and has been described as the "possessor of comedy's most mournful moustache".[5]

Redmond began his career as a writer for Irish radio and television, before moving to London and launching a successful stand-up career in 1987.[3] His live show Eamon, Older Brother of Jesus was adapted for a BBC Radio 4 series, but scrapped on the decision of the station's new Scottish Catholic controller.[4] Parts of the series were subsequently broadcast on Alan Davies' BBC Radio 1 show.[4] After his work on Father Ted, he continued to appear in projects as diverse as Brass Eye,[4] and Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle, and is a regular participant at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Redmond played another priest in the film Voodoophone.[4]

He also plays Bishop Briggs in radio4's Fags, Mags and Bags.


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