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Michał Witkowski (right) and Jerzy Nasierowski, International Book Fair, Warsaw, 21 May 2006

Michał Witkowski (born 17 January 1975, in Wrocław, Poland) is a Polish novelist.

His first "official" work, Copyright, published in 2001, was a collection of short stories. However, he had previously published, Zgorszeni wstają od stołów in 1997 as Michał S. Witkowski, with the S. standing for Sebastian.[1]

On December 17, 2004, Lubiewo was published — a radically queer novel that sold an estimated 15,000 copies.[citation needed] The novel has been translated into German, English (Lovetown), Spanish, Dutch, Finnish (2007), French, Russian, Czech, Lithuanian, Ukrainian and Hungarian (2010). His next collection of stories Fototapeta (Photo-wallpaper) was published in 2006 by W.A.B. More recently, Witkowski has published two "queer crime novels", in which a gay writer named Michał Witkowski acts as first-person narrator and detective: Drwal (The Woodcutter, 2011) and Zbrodniarz i dziewczyna (The Criminal and the Girl, 2014).

Witkowski was nominated three times for the Nike Award, Poland's best-known literary award: in 2006 for Lubiewo (shortlist), in 2007 for Barbara Radziwiłłówna z Jaworzna-Szczakowej (longlist), and in 2012 for Drwal (longlist). Lubiewo won the Gdynia Literary Prize in 2006, and Barbara Radziwiłłówna z Jaworzna-Szczakowej was awarded the Paszport Polityki in 2007. Lovetown, the English translation of Lubiewo was longlisted for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize in 2011.

He is a permanent contributor of Ha!art, a Polish cultural magazine and since July 2014 a contributor to Wprost, having previously worked for six years for Polityka.[2] He is also author of a fashion blog, Fashion Pathology.

He describes himself as a homosexual[3] He rejects the label "gay" as a personal identity[4] as referring to a subculture in the queer community, those commonly represented by popular culture.[5]



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