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Mick Bunnage (born 21 December 1958) is a cartoonist, journalist, and comedy writer and was formerly the bass guitarist of The Deep Freeze Mice. He is the co-creator of the Modern Toss comic, which was also turned into a TV series by Channel 4. He has also worked as a writer on the BBC's 2004 The Stupid Version.

Bunnage was one of the three co-creators of Loaded magazine in 1994, alongside original editor James Brown and deputy editor Tim Southwell, and went on to become associate editor.[1] Under the guise of Dr. Mick he continued to contribute to Loaded until 2004, where he created, with Jon Link, the Office Pest cartoon strip, which became a prototype for Modern Toss.[2] The duo went on to contribute cartoons to a broad range of publications including The Guardian and the Daily Mirror.[2] They then produced a website, shitflap.com, in 2003.[3]


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