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"Mick McGuire" is a traditional Irish folk song about courtship. It tells the story of a young man who courts a woman named Kate or Katie. He is initially well received by her mother because he owns a farm, and he is given a seat of honor in the house. He loses favor with Kate's mother after their wedding due to his drinking and his wasteful spending of her inheritance, and therefore he loses his comfortable spot at their fire.



"Mick McGuire" was arranged for TTBB choir by Eric M. Pazdziora and published by Alliance Music Publications. [1]


The melody used is very popular and is also used for The Hot Asphalt as sung by The Dubliners, and a new song by The High Kings called Irish Pub. Matt McGinn used the melody for 'The Big Glasgow Polis' from his album The Two Heided Man, in 1972.