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Micky or Mickie can be a given name, but it is most often a nickname for Michael or non-Anglo Saxon equivalents, such as "Mikhail". People with the name include:


  • Micky Adams (born 1961), English football manager and former player
  • Micky Arison (born 1949), Chief Executive Officer of Carnival Corporation
  • Micky Dolenz (born 1945), American actor, musician, and television and theatre director
  • Micky Dore (1883–1910), Australian rugby union and rugby league player
  • Micky Droy (born 1951), English retired footballer
  • Micky Hazard (born 1960), English retired footballer
  • Micky Horswill (born 1953), British professional footballer
  • Micky Mellon (born 1972), Scottish football manage and former player
  • Micky Moody (born 1950), English guitarist
  • Micky Quinn (born 1962), English retired footballer
  • Micky Lee Soule (born 1946), American musician, founding member of Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
  • Micky Stewart (born 1932), English former cricketer, coach and administrator
  • Micky Waller (1941–2008), English rock and blues drummer
  • Micky Ward (born 1965), American retired professional boxer
  • Micky Yoochun, the former stage name of Park Yoo-chun (born 1986), Korean singer who was a member of the boy band TVXQ
  • Sweet Micky, stage name of Michel Martelly (born 1961), Haitian musician and former President of Haiti (2011–2016)


  • Delia Akeley (1869–1970), American explorer
  • Micky Levy (fl. 2003–present), Israeli-American screenwriter and cinema actress

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