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Origin Torreón, Mexico
Genres Latin Rock, Pop Rock
Years active 1988–1993
Website www.facebook.com/MicroChipsOficial

Micro Chips (also styled Microchips) was a Mexican children's rock music group active from 1987 to 1993.


In 1987 Javier Willy (keyboard) and Daniel Willy (drums) from Torreón, Mexico, decided to start a band. Soon after, Ricardo Villa (lead guitar) joined them under the name Explotion (Explosion). Later they were joined by, Jay de la Cueva and Sergio Robles. To expand their regional musical career and supported by their parents, they moved to Mexico City, where record producer Luis de Llano, recognizing their potential and added his son, Tito de Llano. Finally, the Willy brothers invited their sister, Toti Willy, and this lineup became Micro Chips. (TV interview) [1]

Their first album, Niños Eléctricos, (Electric children) with original music by Spanish composer Miguel Rios, was recorded in early 1987 with the advice and help from Ricardo Ochoa (musician and producer). They released three singles. "No quiero" (I don't want to), "Angello" which was composed specially for one of the "Menudo" members and gained popularity on the radio, and "Boomerang", a track for a roller coaster ride in Mexico City. This record received a gold award for high sales.

In 1990 the band radically changed when Javier, Daniel and Toti Willy decided to return to Torreón, to continue their studies. They later formed Rock Kids which signed with Polygram Records and released two albums.

Micro Chips continued and looked for substitutes, recorded a second album, De Pelicula (1990) the three new members were Mariana Navarro, Jorge Mercado and Tomas Perez.

In 1993 the band decided to record a new album and started looking for a new name, since they were no longer children. However this never happened, and the musicians continued their musical careers separately.[1][2]

In April 2014 the band's Facebook page announced the re-release, on April 22, 2014, of the Niños Eléctricos album, celebrating its 25th anniversary and the Mexican holiday, Children's Day, on April 30.

Band members[edit]

Original lineup[edit]

  • Javier Willy
  • Daniel Willy
  • Toti Willy
  • Ricardo Villa
  • Jay de la Cueva
  • Tito DeLlano

Other members[edit]

  • Tomas Perez-Ascencio
  • Jorge Mercado
  • Mariana Navarro
  • Jessica Herreman
  • Yani Contreras
  • Ana Borras
  • Alex



  • 1988: Niños Eléctricos (Melody MITV-176, LP)
  1. No Quiero
  2. Las Maquinas
  3. Angello
  4. Perdidos En La Distancia
  5. Boomerang
  6. Rock de La Carcel
  7. Niños Eléctricos
  8. Quiero Cantar Rock And Roll
  9. Ser Feliz
  10. Horrible Pesadilla
  11. Recuerdos
  12. La Pared
  • 1989: Batimix (Melody SU/082, 12 in Single)
  • 1990: De Pelicula (Melody MEPR/7010, LP)
  1. Grandes Años Del Rock And Roll
  2. No Digas Para Nada
  3. Rock En El Universo
  4. Despertar
  5. Juguemos a Batman
  6. Microtecnochips
  7. Quiero Que Sepas
  8. Perro Lanudo
  9. Un Sueño Para Ti
  10. Batimix
  • 1990: Energia Es Amor (Melody LMD/613, LP)
  1. Energia
  2. Quiero Ser
  3. Tiempo Al Tiempo
  4. Oyendo Tu Voz
  5. Tu Amor Mi Vitamina
  6. A La Hora de Cantar
  7. A La Luz de La Luna
  8. Ganas
  9. Por Eso Te Quiero
  10. No Me Puedo Dejar Derribar

1992: No Somos Numeros (Melody LMD/746, LP)

  1. Sirena
  2. Numeros
  3. Playa
  4. Sombra
  5. Angeles
  6. Miente
  7. Lugar
  8. Sacalo
  9. Destino
  10. Chipicucu


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