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Esquema Micromonas pusilla.jpg
Micromonas pusilla
Scientific classification
Domain: Eukaryota
Kingdom: Viridiplantae
Phylum: Chlorophyta
Class: Prasinophyceae
Order: Mamiellales
Family: Mamiellaceae
Genus: Micromonas
  • M. pusilla

In taxonomy, Micromonas is a genus of green algae, specifically of the Mamiellaceae.[1][2] The genus contains a single species, Micromonas pusilla, which is the dominant photosynthetic picoeukaryote in some marine ecosystems.[3] Unlike many marine algae, it is distributed widely in both warm and cold waters.[4] It is a good swimmer and swims towards light.[4]

M. pusilla is infected by a reovirus called Micromonas pusilla reovirus (MpRV).[5]


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