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The Microscopic Septet is a jazz septet, founded in 1980 by saxophonist Phillip Johnston.[1] They played frequently in New York City, toured, and recorded until they disbanded in 1992. In late 2006, when their four albums were re-released along with previously unreleased material as two double CDs, they reformed for several performances. They performed again in the United States and Europe in December 2007, and have reunited for performances in New York City almost every year since, most recently at The Owl in Brooklyn (5/22/16). Their newest album, "The Micros Play The Blues," was recorded that week and is currently in production.

They are known for performing the theme song for NPR's Fresh Air program, which was composed by pianist Joel Forrester.


1980 1981 ca 1981-1983 1983-2007 2007–present
soprano saxophone Phillip Johnston
piano Joel Forrester
alto saxophone John Zorn Don Davis
tenor saxophone George Bishop John Hagen Paul Shapiro Michael Hashim
baritone saxophone Dave Sewelson
double bass, tuba David Hofstra
drums Bobby DeMeo Richard Dworkin



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