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The Mid-Day Scot was a British express passenger train running between Glasgow Central and London Euston,[when?] leaving around lunchtime daily in both directions. The name was inherited by the London Midland Region of British Railways from the prewar London, Midland and Scottish Railway.

In the timetable for winter 1959-60, the Mid-day Scot became non-stop between Carlisle and London, having in earlier years called at Rugby. It was accelerated by 49 minutes in the down (northward) direction and by 30 minutes in the up, for a new journey time in both directions of 7 hours 15 minutes, identical with the other two daytime named trains of the period between the two cities, the Royal Scot and The Caledonian. All three trains were restricted to eight coaches to save weight, and the number of passengers carried was limited to the seating capacity of the train, standing passengers not being permitted.[1]

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