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Middelalderparken as seen from Ekeberg
Ruins of the former Royal Estate
The bridge entrance to Middelalderparken from Saxegaards gate

The Medieval Park (Norwegian: Middelalderparken) in the borough of Gamle Oslo in Oslo, Norway. The park was built in 2000 in Sørenga in The medieval town of Oslo in The Old Town, Oslo (Gamlebyen). That is about ten minutes walk from the Oslo Central Station.[1] The park is located within the so-called Medieval Park area, which also included the Memorial Park and Ladegården on the north side of Bispegata. In this area, development is not allowed due to ruins and plenty of cultural remains in the underground.

In the Medieval Park are the ruins of St. Clement's Church, St. Mary's Church and the former royal estate front open in the day. Until the Medieval Park in the west is a water surface, a lake nicknamed "Tenerife". At the lake is half of the Oslo fjord shoreline as it appeared in the Middle Ages (about year 1300), reconstructed.[2] The part of the park located at the lake is 43 acres in addition to the water on 22 acres. Park facility at the ruins of St. Clement's Church are also considered for the park and this area is 4.7 acres, of the park that total is 70 acres.[3]

Oslo Middelalderfestival[4] is and Øyafestivalen[5] was annual events located in the Medieval Park. The 2014 Oslo Middelalderfestival is located at Akershus Castle.


Coordinates: 59°54′12″N 10°45′44″E / 59.90333°N 10.76222°E / 59.90333; 10.76222