Midnight Resistance (band)

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Midnight Resistance
Genres Synthpop
Years active 2007 - Present
Labels A Different Drum
Remote-Music / Sony-Music
Members Nico

Midnight Resistance is a German synthpop musical group. The band started as a solo project of Nico, since the end of 2007 Gorden and Gregsen completed the current band line-up. Midnight Resistance released their debut album "Remote" on the label A Different Drum in August 2008. In the second half of 2009 the band signed to the German label "Remote-Music / Sony-Music", where they will release their forthcoming album in 2010.


  • Nico - Synthesizer, Guitar, Songwriting, Vocals
  • Gorden - Guitar
  • Gregsen - Synthesizer


  • Full-length albums
    • Remote (2008, A Different Drum)
    • The Mirror Cage (2012, Farscape-Records / Alive)
  • Compilation & Remixed
    • Dopamin 3 (2007, Codeline Records)
    • Synthpop Club Anthems 5 (2008, A Different Drum)
    • A Different Mix 6 (2009, A Different Drum)

Source: Band Website [1]

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