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Mie may refer to:


  • Mie Augustesen (born 1988), Danish handball player.
  • Mie Hamada (born 1959), Japanese figure skater who now works as a coach
  • Mie Kumagai, Sega video game producer since 1993
  • Mie Lacota (born 1988), Danish professional road and track cyclist
  • Mie Mie (born 1970), Burmese democracy activist who played a leadership role in numerous anti-government protests
  • Mie Sonozaki (born 1973), Japanese voice actress and singer
  • Gustav Mie (1869–1957), German physicist
  • Mie, a stage name of Mitsuyo Nemoto, Japanese singer and actress, member of Pink Lady
  • Mie Hama (born 1943), Japanese actress known for her roles in You Only Live Twice and King Kong vs. Godzilla

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