Mieczysław Wasilewski

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Mieczysław Wasilewski
Born 1942
Nationality Polish
Education Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw, PL
Known for Graphic designer

Mieczysław Wasilewski (born 1942) is a Polish graphic designer.

He Studied at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. He taught graphic design at the University of Damascus 1981 - 1982. He has a professorship at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in the Department of Graphic Arts.

Major awards[edit]

  • 1976 - Gold Medal, 6th International Poster Biennale, Warsaw (Poland)
  • 1989 - Silver Medal, 13th Biennal of Polish Poster, Katowice (Poland)
  • 1991 - Special Jury Prize, 2nd Poster Festival, Chaumont (France)
  • 1994 - Silver Medal, 14th International Poster Biennale, Warsaw (Poland)

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