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GenresPunk rock, Electronic, Metal
Occupation(s)Performer, Songwriter, Singer, DJ
InstrumentsVocals, guitar, piano, organ, theremin
Years active2001-present
Associated actsPeaches, Taylor Savvy

Mignon Baer is a punk-rock and electronica musician. She is notable for her high energy stage shows and the use of provocative horror imagery.

Music and Performance[edit]

In 2001, Mignon began playing keyboard and performing in the theater play "Bloody Daughters" in Berlin's "Bar jeder Vernunft", starring Corinna Harfouch and Catherine Stoyan.

Following this she toured with Peaches in 2001 and 2002 as a performer and vocalist. Discovering a similar taste in music and a desire to shock audiences, they co-wrote and performed tracks together such as "Casanova" and "She’s a Rebel". Jointly they have played in England at the Leeds and Reading Festival as well as Australia and New Zealand for the Big Day Out accompanied by Cobra Killer. They also supported Queens Of The Stoneage and And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead on 16 tour dates in North America through the fall of 2002.

Mignon’s solo career began in 2003 when she performed with an array of artists at festivals such as Larry Tee’s Electroclash-festival in New York and Arthur Bakers Return to NewYork-festival in London . During this time she also supported Ellen Allien and Chicks on Speed in Switzerland as well as played other music festivals in Germany and France. She supported 'Trail of Dead' in Germany on their 2004 tour and undertook her own tour of California in 2005. Mignon has performed her solo shows at venues all across Europe.

In 2004 Mignon released an EP on Punk-Rock Label Pale Music which included remixes of 3 original tracks; "demons of love" where she united Adamski and Lady Miss Kier, "Death Race" remixed by Berlin Beat-Master Patric Catani ( EC8OR) and "Bad Girl" remixed by Suat G.

Mignon self-produced her debut album "Bad Evil Wicked and Mean" in Berlin and invited guests Lady Miss Kier, Peaches, Thomas Wydler (Bad Seeds), Gonzales and Taylor Savvy to contribute. The album was released in Europe, Japan and Australia in 2007.[1]

Mignon played the role of Peaches Ex-Lover in the musical "Peaches Does Herself" in Berlin at the Hebbel Hau Theater 2010 and 2011

2010 Mignon released her single "Hot Love" [2] with Dance-Remixes by Namosh and Bronstibock the video features burlesque performer Lada Redstar

2011 Mignon released her second Album "Kiss of Death" produced by Mignon and Rob Hill (producer) and supported Rob Zombie in Germany the same year.[3][4]

2012 Mignon performed a Metal-DJ-Set with performance and costume changes, she also performed her original Songs, supporting Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie on the Twins of Evil Tour in Germany [5][6]


2018 Mignon Toys Tantrum Vinyl LP and CD
2011 Mignon Kiss of Death CD Impedance Records
2010 Mignon Hot Love EP BadGirl-Records
2007 Mignon Bad Evil Wicked and Mean [CD] BadGirl-Records
2004 Mignon Bad Girl EP Pale Music[7]

Contributing Artist[edit]

Various Artist Compilations[edit]

  • 2010 Ich Bin Ein Berliner Araknid Records "Hot Love"
  • 2006 Girlmonster Chicks on Speed records "demons of love"
  • 2006 Some Tunes Basserk "Death Race Remix"
  • 2006 Styles Selection Toshiba/EMI Japan "Death Race"
  • 2005 Berlin Insane III Pale Music "Succubus"
  • 2005 Party Escalator Escalator Records "Bad Girl"
  • 2004 Agenda 2010 Lage D'Or "Little Miss Feelgood"
  • 2003 Lexoleum Trilogy Lex Records "Casanova"
  • 2002 Wir Lage D'Or "Bad,Evil, Wicked and Mean"
  • 2002 Colette No 4 Colette Records "Bad Evil Wicked and Mean"
  • 2002 Y03 Lage D'Or "Bad Evil Wicked and Mean"

Contributing Movie[edit]

  • 2012 Peaches Does Herself Film; Mignon plays Peaches Ex-Lover singing "Lovertits", a little boy and Laserharp-Player[8][9]
  • 2007 MTV Bust a Move "Bad Girl"
  • 2006 "Kampfansage der letzte Schüler" DVD release Germany "Black Soul"
  • 2004 "Clash of Cultures: The Rise of the Electro Scene" DVD release Brazil "Bad, Evil,Wicked and Mean"

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