Peaches Does Herself

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Peaches Does Herself
Peaches Does Herself.jpg
Directed by Peaches
Written by Peaches
Music by Peaches
Cinematography Robin Thomson
Edited by Robin Thomson
Release date
  • September 13, 2012 (2012-09-13) (Toronto International Film Festival)

Peaches Does Herself is an electro rock opera stage show that tells a mythical history of the musician Peaches. Peaches Does Herself follows the musician Peaches through her journey from bedroom wannabe musician to Rockstar. Through a selection of songs from Peaches 4 official albums, a mythical biography is told based on the misconceptions surrounding Peaches image. On the advice of a 65-year-old stripper, Peaches makes music that is sexually forthright. Her popularity grows and she becomes what her fans expect her to be, transsexual. She falls in love but Peaches gets her heart broken and has to realize who she really is. Described as an anti jukebox musical. Peaches wrote directed and played the role of Peaches. This is Peaches first feature film. The video was made available via both streaming and download on June 14th, 2014.[1]

List of screening festivals[edit]

  • 2012 Toronto International Film Festival- WORLD PREMIERE [2]
  • 2012 Festival du nouveau cinéma, Montreal, Quebec[3]
  • 2013 Sundance London Film & Music Festival, London, UK [4]
  • 2013 Locarno, Switzerland[5]
  • 2013 BAMcinemaFest, Brooklyn, NY[6]
  • 2013 Berlinale, Berlin (SPECIAL SCREENING)[7]
  • 2013 Buenos Aires Festival International de Cine, Buenos Aires, Argentina[8]
  • 2013 San Francisco International Film Festival, San Francisco, CA[9]
  • 2013 Seattle International Film Festival, Seattle, WA[10]
  • 2013 CPH Pix, Copenhagen, Netherlands[11]
  • 2013 Cimmfest, Chicago, IL[12]
  • 2013 Indielisboa, Lisbon, Portugal[13]
  • 2013 Sydney Mardi Gras Film Festival, Australia[14]
  • 2013 Melbourne Queer Film Festival, Australia[15]
  • 2013 Internationales FrauenFilmFestival, Germany[16]
  • 2013 Transgender Film Festival, Germany[17]
  • 2013 Crossing Europe, Linz, Austria[18]
  • 2013 Distrital, Mexico City, Mexico[19]
  • 2013 Honolulu Rainbow Festival, Hawaii[20]
  • 2013 Tel Aviv LBGT, Israel[21]
  • 2013 Brussels Film Festival, Belgium[22]
  • 2013 FICBA, Colombia[23]
  • 2013 New Horizons, Wroclaw, Poland[24]
  • 2013 Alta Fidelidad, Bogota, Colombia
  • 2013 Santiago International Film Festival, Chille[25]
  • 2013 Way Out West, Goteborg, Sweden[26]
  • 2013 RIO Festival Do Rio, Brazil[27]
  • 2013 Helsinki International Film Festival, Finland[28]
  • 2013 Hamburg International Queer Film Festival, Germany[29]
  • 2013 Kaohsiung Film Festival, Taiwan[30]


Peaches Danni Daniels Sandy Kane

The Fatherfucker Dancers: Quincy Junor Fernando Belfiore Emilie Combet Lia Dimou Marcela Donato Assaf Hochman Justin Kennedy Muck Munoz

Sweet Machine: Saskia Hahn Conner Rapp Mathias Brendel

Professor: Armin Dallapiccola

Riot Grrrl band:Jolly Goods

Peaches' ex-lover: Mignon (musician)

Sandy Kane's posse: Joel Gibb

Band Roadie: Brendan Schoenwetter

Doctor: Angie Reed

Nurse: Joel Gibb

Violin Players: Alina Petrescu Johanna Walesch

Balloon artist: Sean Rooney

Small boy: Mignon

Tranimals: Lilo Libido Viola

Professor’s speech written by: Eike Wittrock


"Rock Show"
Written by Peaches
Performed by Jolly Goods
I U She Music Gmbh

"Set It Off"
Written and performed by Peaches
I U She Music Gmbh

"I'm the Kinda"
Written and performed by Peaches
I U She Music Gmbh

"I U She"
Written by Peaches
Performed by Peaches and Mathias Brendel
I U She Music Gmbh

Written by Peaches
Performed by Mignon, Peaches and Sweet Machine
I U She Music Gmbh

"Diddle My Skittle"
Written and Performed by Peaches
I U She Music Gmbh

"Show Stopper"
Written by Peaches, Gonzales, & Simian Mobile Disco
Performed by Peaches and Sweet Machine
I U She Music Gmbh, Emi Music Publishing, Warner Music UK Limited

"Rock 'N' Roll"
Written by Peaches, Gonzales, & Taylor Savvy
Performed by Peaches and Sweet Machine

"I Love Dick"
Written and Performed by*Sandy Kane
Sandy Kane Music

Written by Peaches
Additional lyrics Sandy Kane
Performed by Sandy Kane and Joel Gibb
I U She Music GmbH, Sandy Kane Music

Written and Performed by Peaches
I U She Music GmbH

Written by Peaches and Sticky
Performed by Peaches, Sweet Machine and Mignon
I U She Music GmbH, Copyright Control Shares

"Tent in Your Pants" (a capella)
Written by Peaches
Performed by The Fatherfucker Dancers
I U She Music GmbH

"Boys Wanna Be Her"
Written by Peaches
Performed by Peaches and Sweet Machine
I U She Music GmbH

"Shake Yer Dix"
Written by Peaches and Gonzales
Performed by Peaches and Sweet Machine
I U She Music GmbH, Emi Music Publishing

"I Feel Cream"
Written by Peaches, Drums of Death, & Simian Mobile Disco
String arrangement- Taylor Savvy
Performed by Peaches, Sweet Machine, Alina Petrescu and Johanna Walesch
I U She Music GmbH, Warner Music UK Limited, Neue Welt Musikverlag GmbH

"Mommy Complex"
Written by Peaches and Digitalism
Performed by Sandy Kane, Joel Gibb and Peaches
I U She Music GmbH, Metrobass Edition

"Talk to Me"
Written by Peaches and Gonzales
Performed by Peaches and Sweet Machine
I U She Music GmbH, Emi Music Publishing

"I Don't Give A… Pt. 3"
Written and Performed by Peaches and Sweet Machine
I U She Music GmbH, GEMA

"Lose You"
Written by Peaches and Simian Mobile Disco
Performed by Peaches and Sweet Machine
I U She Music GmbH, Warner Music UK Limited

"Serpentine" (a capella)
Written and performed by Peaches
I U She Music GmbH, Emi Music Publishing

"F***the Pain Away"
Written and performed by Peaches
I U She Music GmbH

Critical response[edit]

The success of the screening allowed the film to achieve positive reviews by several publications from around the world. Rolling Stone compared it to another iconic film stating “…A cult classic in the vein of The Rocky Horror Picture Show”.[31] The Hollywood Reporter went on to add “Peaches Does Herself is an impressively bold statement from its director-star and her team of dancers, choreographers and designers……this ambitious rock-doc pushes plenty of buttons as polymorphously perverse Pop Art spectacle. Peaches shows technical competence as a first-time director, while the taboos she celebrates and subverts onstage make for funny, frank, full-frontal entertainment.”[32] Indiewire also highly praised the release stating “The film is a semi-autobiographical adaptation of (Peaches’) stage show and features 22 of her songs brought to incredible life via innovative, jaw-dropping performances”.[33] Perhaps one of the biggest praises for the film came from TIFF co-director Noah Cowan, as he said "One of the world's most beloved performance artists and a legendary transgressive rock ’n’ roller, Toronto-born Peaches has been an icon of the Berlin art scene for more than a decade. Her constantly evolving practice has created a host of famous and indelible videos, performances, installations, lectures and kick-ass concerts. Peaches Does Herself, her first feature film, brings together all of these elements and more, serving as both a rich retrospective of, and whiplash introduction to, this elemental performer's work.”


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