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Coordinates: 52°12′26″N 4°51′34″E / 52.20722°N 4.85944°E / 52.20722; 4.85944
Country Netherlands
Province Utrecht
Municipality De Ronde Venen
Population (2009) 15.940

Mijdrecht is a town in the municipality of De Ronde Venen, in the Netherlands. It is located 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) west of the main A2 motorway, between Utrecht and Amsterdam.

Its population is around 16,000.[citation needed] The football team SV Argon has its stadium here. Recently the city has grown, by expanding with 'Wickelhof I and II'. A national festival is held in Mijdrecht every year. The festival is called AJOC.

There is one high/secondary school called Veenlanden College. This school contains around 1600 students in Mavo, Havo and Vwo levels.

The main street is the area around the Dorpstraat, where most shops and the cityhouse are located. There is a police office, a fire department, 6 supermarkets, sport facilities, and a coffee shop. There is no police or doctor in the weekends.

Most parts of the city (like Hofland-Noord and Molenland) were built after 1980.

Until 1989, Mijdrecht was a separate municipality.[1]

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