Mikey Boots

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Mikey Boots
Developer(s)BeaverTap Games
Platform(s)iOS, Android
ReleaseSeptember 4, 2014

Mikey Boots is an iOS/Android speed-running game released by American indie studio BeaverTap Games on September 4, 2014. It is part of the Mikey series of games, including Mikey Shorts and Mikey Hooks.

Critical reception[edit]

The game has garnered critical acclaim, with a rating of 90% on Metacritic based on 6 critic reviews.[1]

TouchArcade said " This is yet another speedrunning masterpiece that everyone ought to own. "[2] Apple'N'Apps wrote " Mikey Boots offers an intense, yet fun challenge that will keep you actively engaged, and we enjoyed making it a must have title. "[3] Gamezebo said " Mikey Boots is a nice reminder of a time when mobile games weren’t aiming to compete toe-to-toe with consoles and PC. When you consider the series is only a few years old, that’s kind of mind-blowing. "[4] 148Apps wrote " Mikey Boots is a fine third installment in the excellent Mikey series of platformers. "[5] IGN Italia said " Mikey is back with another cool gadget that leads to another great platform game. It’s definitely a must have title for the genre. "[6] Pocket Gamer UK wrote " A clever remix of what's come before, Mikey Boots might not be a platformer in the purest sense of the word, but it's definitely worth a look. "[7]