Mikhail Doller

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Mikhail Doller
Born Mikhail Ivanovich Doller
Vilno, Russian Empire
(now Vilnius, Lithuania)
Died 15 March 1952
Moscow, Soviet Union
(now Russia)
Occupation Film director

Mikhail Doller (Russian: Михаил Иванович Доллер, 1889 – 15 March 1952) was a Soviet film director and screenwriter. He worked as co-director with Vsevolod Pudovkin and was awarded Stalin Prize twice in 1941.


Mikhail Doller was born in Vilno, Russian Empire (now Vilnius, Lithuania). He graduated from Vilno Theater School in 1910 and during 1912-1922 worked as an actor and director in various theaters. In 1922-1924 Dollar studied in Lev Kuleshov master class. Worked as film director at Mezhrabpom in 1925-1936 and at Mosfilm studio since 1936.


  • 1925 - The Death Ray (Луч смерти)
  • 1928 - Salamander (Саламандра)
  • 1932 - Horizon (Горизонт)

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