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Origin Thessaloniki, Greece
Genres Electropop
Trip hop
Drum 'n bass
Easy Listening
Years active 1998 — present
Labels Undo Records
Website mikro official site
Members Nikos Bitzenis (Nikonn)
Chloe Ann
Yiannis Lefkaditis
Past members Ria Mazine
Stelios Emmanuelidis

Mikro is a Greek band based in Thessaloniki, Greece. It was formed in 1998 and was named after the Greek word micro used in metric measuring systems. Their main focus is electronic music. In their releases they initially used an all-caps Greek spelling of their name (ΜΙΚΡΟ), however in their latest releases ("Restart", "Download", "Upload") they have switched to a non all-caps spelling, transliterated to the Latin Alphabet (Mikro).

The members are:

  • Nikos Bitzenis (Nikonn) (programming, loops, synths, vocals)
  • Chloe Ann (vocals, synths)
  • Yiannis Lefkaditis (John-John) (guitar)
  • 5irc (drums, loops,pads)


Nikos Bitzenis and Yiannis Leucaditis began experimenting with electropop music in the late 1990s having influences of the 1980s era such as Depeche Mode, Erasure, New Order and Duran Duran. Later, Panos Tolios (of the Greek band Xylina Spathia ), George Costopoulos and Ria Mazine enter the group and their EP Stagones (Σταγόνες, Drops) goes out in 1998. After the production of the single Aspri Sokolata (Άσπρη Σοκολάτα, White Chocolate), Panos Tolios and George Costopoulos leave the group and Stelios Emmanuelidis gets in, forming Mikro as of today.


  • To Telos tou Kosmou (Το Τέλος Του Κόσμου, The End of the World) 1999
  • E-mail (Original soundtrack for the Greek movie of the same name) 2001
  • Tronik*plasma (Tronik*πλάσμα) 2003
  • Only the Best (Best of) 2004
  • 180 Mires (180 Μοίρες, 180 Degrees/Destinies) 2004
  • Restart 2007
  • Download 2009
  • Upload 2009
  • New 2014

They also released singles by the above albums, some of which being: Stagones (Σταγόνες, Drops), Aspri Sokolata (Άσπρη Σοκολάτα, White Chocolate), Domatio (Δωμάτιο, Room) and Netrino.

Solo works[edit]

Nikos Bitzenis' solo album was released in 2006 by the name Poladroid. It has a chill out tone in contrast to the band's groovy and uptempo style. Sunday, a single of Poladroid was used in the 9th edition of Buddha Bar's compilation albums.


Mikro has spread over the internet in various ways; They have a myspace profile and made available to the public their videoclips via their YouTube user account.

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