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Milady 3000.

Milady 3000 (Italian: Milady nel 3000) is an Italian comic series featuring an eponymous character, created in 1980 by Magnus for the magazine Il Mago. The series continued until 1984 (also in the magazine Eureka), and was later published in France (in Métal Hurlant), in the United States (in Heavy Metal), in Belgium and Spain.


Milady is Paulina Zumo, a haughty Imperial Colonel and countess of the Zumo dynasty. Her stories, set in 3000 AD, are a science fiction mixture of many influences: these include Old Chinese costumes, Italian Renaissance intrigues, and hyper-technological environments. Magnus maintained he was also inspired by Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon for the series.

In her adventures, Milady is assisted by Uèr, an electro-chemical android who is desperately in love with her, in spite of Milady's repeated, contemptuous refusals.


  • Il Principe dell'Equilibrio e della Quiete Galattica - Il Mago #94-96, January–March 1980
  • Nel Palazzo di Kê - Il Mago #105, December 1980
  • Intermezzo sul Proteo - Il Mago #105, December 1980
  • Gran Condè - Eureka #248, February 1984
  • Lord Black - Eureka #248, February 1984