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Milbert Amplifiers is a company which manufactures high-end vacuum-tube audio equipment. While it is perhaps best known for its mobile vacuum-tube audio amplifiers, which were introduced in 1986 and are developed in collaboration with The David Berning Company, Milbert Amplifiers also produces unique vacuum-tube audio amplifiers using high voltage SMPS power supplies for guitarists and musicians.

BaM - Berning and Milbert Mobile Tube Amplifier[edit]

Introduced in 1986, Milbert's initial product offering, the BaM-230, a version of which is still currently produced (BaM-235ab), is based on David Berning's EA-230 high-end home audio amplifier,[1] but designed and built for 12-volt automotive and mobile use.[2] In continuous production for longer than any other car audio product, the BaM mobile tube amplifier has been called "the Holy Grail of auto sound".[3][4]

TC - Tube Preamp / Subwoofer Crossover[edit]

In 1992, Milbert introduced the first TC in what has become a series of electronic audio-frequency crossover devices, made to work with any audio equipment and to capably complement the BaM tube amplifiers in higher-power audio systems.

Liquid Mobile Tube Amplifier[edit]

In 2013 Milbert began shipping the Liquid mobile tube amplifier, an amplifier closely based on the design of its original BaM-230.[5]

GAGA - The Guitar Artists' Guitar Amplifier[edit]

In July, 2009, Milbert introduced at the Nashville NAMM show its GAGA (Guitar Artists' Guitar Amplifier), a nearly weightless, fifty-watt guitar and instrument vacuum-tube amplifier which eliminates the traditional audio output transformer (and all traditional power supply magnetics) by using patented ZOTL Technology [6] licensed exclusively from The David Berning Company to almost perfectly (and bi-directionally) mate power tubes (in any combinations) and speaker load, resulting in transfer characteristics being -- for the first time ever in musical instrument amplification -- accurately and fully conveyed [7] between tubes and speaker(s). GAGA is also the first musical amplifier to include patented P3 Technology (phantom power for guitar effect pedals) as a standard feature.

The GAGA 90 production model became available in November, 2011. GAGA D-60, a domestic version offering 120V/240V mains and lower audio power, was announced in April 2012, followed by GAGA D-30 in October, 2012.[5]

Writing in Vintage Guitar Magazine (January, 2014), Rich Maloof reviewed the 60-watt GAGA D-60:[8]

"Lightweight and featuring an innovative, transformerless design, GAGA ... may even be unparalleled in matching versatility with satisfying tube tone. ... Well beyond [its] capacity for emulation is an opportunity to discover entirely new timbres and perhaps nail a sound that otherwise exists only in a player's mind."

Details, video interviews and press coverage links are available here.

DCJuiceBox Pedal Power Converter[edit]

The DCJuiceBox is a pedal power converter introduced by Milbert in September, 2013.[5] It converts any 9-volt DC source into various independently regulated DC voltages, including 18-volts, 12-volts, and an infinitely adjustable 6- to 12-volt output, all at high current.

Tube Data Archive[edit]

In early 2009, Milbert Amplifiers became an official mirror of Frank Philipse's massive (multi-gigabyte) Tube Data Archive, which archives thousands of original vacuum tube (valve) data sheets and other related technical information.[9]

Earl Zausmer's BMW[edit]

In the mid 1990s, Earl Zausmer built two competition car audio systems (one in a white 1992 BMW 540, and another in a red 1994 BMW 540i).[10] These systems went on to win several national-level car audio titles. More than 200 newspapers around the country reportedly carried articles mentioning the cars,[11] and the red BMW was highlighted in several major magazines, car audio[12] and otherwise,[13] including BMW's RONDEL[14] and Time Digital Magazine.[15] Technical information, photographs and newspaper- and magazine-article reprints are available here.

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