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Milen Vrabevski
Д-р Милен Врабевски.jpg
Milen Nikolaev Vrabevski

(1968-12-23) 23 December 1968 (age 52)
EducationQualified MD
Alma materMedical University of Varna
Spouse(s)Rossitsa Vrabevska
WebsiteBulgarian Memory Foundation

Comac Medical

Intelligent Music

Dr. Milen Vrabevski (Bulgarian: Милен Врабевски) is a Bulgarian businessman, philanthropist and patron of the arts. He is founder and chairman of the Bulgarian Memory Foundation. He is the CEO and owner of Comac Medical – a contract research organization providing development, management and control of R&D projects in clinical medicine. The company conducts research in 28 countries, covering Europe, Asia and America. Dr. Milen Vrabevski is also the owner of Education complex "Tzar Simeon Veliki",[1] which includes "Rossitsa" Private Kindergarten, "Tzar Simeon Veliki" Private School, "Asen Yordanov" Private High School and "Tzar Simeon Veliki" Education Center.

Education and business[edit]

Dr. Milen Vrabevski graduated from the English language class of the First Language School (1987) and the Medical University (1995) in his native city of Varna. He completed his mandatory military service in the Bulgarian Navy in the Radio and Telegraph Division (1987-1989). He specialized in R&D project management and system audit in Germany, France, the UK, the US and Israel (1996-2002). He founded Comac Medical (CRO/SMO) in 1997.

In 2002 Milen Vrabevski founded the Association for Good Clinical Practice and Clinical Research Development in Bulgaria. He was a member of the Advisory Council Europe of the Drug Information Association (2006 -2009).

Music production[edit]

In 2010 Milen Vrabevski established the music production company Intelligent Music for the popularization of contemporary Bulgarian music and culture. Intelligent Music is listed in the Registry of Cultural Organizations at the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Soon after Intelligent Music’s founding, the international rock collaboration “Intelligent Music Project” came into being.[2] Over the years some of the most prominent rock musicians in the world have taken part in the project, including: Simon Phillips (TOTO, Protocol), John Lawton (Uriah Heep, Lucifer's Friend), Joseph Williams (TOTO), Ronnie Romero (Rainbow), John Payne (Asia), Carl Sentance (Nazareth),[3] Bobby Rondinelli (Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Axel Rudi Pell), Todd Sucherman (Styx)[4] Dr. Milen Vrabevski is the composer of the music, lyrics and arrangements of all songs included in the six albums of the band: The Power of Mind, My Kind O' Lovin', Touching the Divine, Sorcery Inside, Life Motion and The Creation.

Charity and sponsorship[edit]

Milen Vrabevski is Founding Chairman of the Bulgarian Memory Foundation,[5] established in 2007.

Since 2007, Dr. Vrabevski has invested in his charitable program for support of families with reproductive problems, as well as in other initiatives and campaigns related to fighting the demographic crisis in Bulgaria and increasing the birthrate in Bulgaria: the I Want a Baby Foundation and the Mothers for Donation Foundation. Dr. Vrabevski is sponsoring more than 15 Bulgarian large families and is the first and largest supporter of the "I Want a Baby" initiative. At the moment, thanks to his direct sponsorship, 35 babies have been born.

Dr. Milen Vrabevski is the initiator and sponsor of one of the largest private educational initiatives “Route to Higher Education,” which secures free preparation for university entrance exams to young people around the country. Since the start of the initiative (2010-2021) more than 3883 students took part in it and 87% of those participating in the program were accepted into institutes of higher education in Bulgaria and abroad.

Since 2007, Dr. Milen Vrabevski has financed five-day educational seminars twice annually as part of the ongoing efforts of the Bulgarian Memory Foundation to support the European integration of the Bulgarian diaspora. More than 200 outstanding high school students from the Bulgarian diaspora in Ukraine, Moldova, North Macedonia, Albania and Serbia, as well as talented Bulgarians from the regions of the Western Rhodopes and Tervel, arrive in Bulgaria for the forum, which introduces young people to successful individuals and specialists from various civic and business spheres.

Awards and recognition[edit]

Milen Vrabevski received the 2013 European Citizens’ Prize awarded by the European Parliament.[6] The same year he was awarded the Honorary Badge with Ribbon of the Mayor of Varna.[7] He has been a member of the Clinton Global Initiative since 2012 and was recognized in 2011 by the Bulgarian Donors’ Forum as “Man of the Year with an exceptional contribution to the cause of philanthropy in Bulgaria.”[8] In 2009 the Association of Bulgarians in Ukraine voted him “Man of the Year” for his exceptional contribution to the promotion of the economic and cultural relations between Ukraine and Bulgaria. In 2012 Mihail Formuzal, governor of the Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia, conferred the 20th Anniversary State Medal on him.

In 2014 Milen Vrabevski received the special award “Individual Donor with Cause” from the Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation and was elected “Enlightener of the Year” in a national campaign organized by radio FM+.[9]

In 2016, Dr. Milen Vrabevski received the 2016 Pythagoras Award of the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science (MES). Through his company Comac Medical he won the award for the “Company with the largest investments in science.” During the same year, Dr. Vrabevski also received the "Apostle of the Bulgarian National Spirit" award for his significant contribution to the preservation and promotion of Bulgarian cultural and historical heritage.[10] In November 2016, he became a member of the Public Council of the Bulgarian National Radio.

In 2017 Dr. Milen Vrabevski was awarded honorary citizenship of Varna for his exceptional contributions in the sphere of Bulgarian culture and education and for his activities as a philanthropist, patriot, and musician.[11]  

In 2018 Dr. Milen Vrabevski was invited as a special guest and keynote speaker at the meeting of EU Ministers of Education.

In 2020 at a special ceremony at the Bulgarian National Archeology Museum he received the award “Man of the Year 2019” for his patriotic activities.

In March 2020 during an official visit by Dr. Vrabevski to the Bulgarian minority community in Albania, the mayor of Pustec awarded him a Certificate of Recognition for his active interest in and financial support for the municipality’s inhabitants.

In June 2020, Dr. Vrabevski and Comac Medical’s “Take a Responsible Step” diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) awareness campaign was honored with a National Medical Award in the category "Social Responsibility and Human Resources in Medicine." Dr. Vrabevski also received individual recognition for his social projects and investments in Bulgaria and the Balkan region, receiving the “Humanism and Impact Investing” awards at the same ceremony. The award is given to a public person who has made an outstanding contribution to public life, consistent with humanistic principles and values. Also in 2020 Dr. Milen Vrabevski was included in the prestigious "Doctors We Trust 2020" edition compiled by 24 Hours newspaper.[12]

In 2021 Dr. Vrabevski’s second term in the public council of the Bulgarian National Radio began with his unanimous election as a chairman.

In 2021 Dr. Vrabevski and his company Comac Medical received for second time the Pythagoras Award in the category "Company with the biggest investments in scientific research and development" for the period of 2017-2019.


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