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Miles Regis (born November 28, 1967), is a Los Angeles-based, Trinidadian [1] multimedia artist whose work taps into the emotion and experiences of exotic cultures around the world and presents them in ways that are relevant to today’s modernized societies. Miles Regis combines abstraction with figurative work; obscure references with in-your-face writings; symbolic narrative with Trinidadian splashes of color. The artist adds to this drip painting and collage work. His media includes oil, acrylic, charcoal, latex paint and occasional newspaper. He works on canvasses already colored, and on some painted with bold colors; his finished compositions take these as their start. Over the years, the USC graduate has honed a technique that incorporates drip painting [2] and collage work that is both unique and striking. With a style reminiscent of many of history’s great master painters, Miles' imagination is saturated with notions, ideas, and images reflective of a world filled with conflicting interests. His cultural duality and diverse perspectives play a large role in the humanistic consciousness he manages to present in his work. With broad enthusiast appeal, his work has appeared in association with CNN, Intel Corporation, Art Basel Miami, Coachella Music And Art Festival, California African American Museum, Million Dollar Listing, NextAid World's Day, CCH Pounder (Avatar, The Shield), Nicolette Sheridan (Desperate Housewives), American Rag Cie,[3] Manifest Equality, Senegal's La Musee Borindar, Adobe, Isaiah Washington (Grey's Anatomy) and several art communities around the country and throughout the world.

Early life[edit]

Miles Anthony Regis was born November 28, 1967 in San Fernando, Trinidad, to Cynthia King and Fitzroy Regis. His mother was an active singer and actress in the theatre but later became an elementary school teacher and principal while his father, an avid jazz collector, worked as a public servant before becoming personnel managing director for the Caribbean’s largest corporation, Neal & Massy Holdings Ltd. Upon retiring, he was appointed as a judge of the Industrial Court of Trinidad & Tobago.[4] Miles and his sibling Marlon, born in 1971, were surrounded by the arts as children. There was constant exposure to art and many genres of music including their native steel drums and calypso, jazz, soul, funk, reggae, and hip-hop. His early artistic influences included many family members and included artists such as his uncle, artist Alexander Sylvester King, his aunt, actress/television personality Stephanie King, herself married to David Boothman, artist, musician, and nephew to the Holder brothers, Boscoe and Geoffrey.[4] Miles would later contribute to David and brother Michael Boothman’s jazz ensemble Kysofusion as lead singer for a brief tour which took them to the United States in 1988. Also shaping Miles's creativity was producer and musician Pelham Goddard who accompanied Miles on several of his early performances as well as his uncle, Jamaican writer and playwright Trevor Rhone whose film The Harder They Come and subsequent artistic ventures undoubtedly was a huge influence, as he witnessed the success of the author on the world stage.

Miles painted as well as performed as a vocalist for most of his childhood and teenage years. He competed in several art competitions as well as sang competitively in the classical, pop and calypso musical arenas. After completing high school, Miles worked as a much sought after vocalist in Trinidad. He wrote and sang on several radio and television jingles, as well as recorded and toured as the lead singer for the popular 15-member band, Fireflight. It was during his two-year stint as lead singer with Fireflight that he met his girlfriend Luanne Salandy. The two left Trinidad in 1989 for the U. S., with Luanne moving to New York and Miles to Los Angeles. Luanne joined Miles in Los Angeles a year later, after he was accepted to the University of Southern California where he majored in creative writing. They married in 2000 and are the parents of son Djimon, born in 2003, and daughter Zion, born in 2006.[4]

Although more personal expressions came through his songwriting (Miles was the youngest songwriter to place in the finals of the Copyright Music Organization of Trinidad & Tobago’s Songwriters’ Festival in 1987), it wouldn’t be until 1996 that Miles would rekindle his childhood love for paint and paintbrush. Less than a year later, in 1997 he got his first professional artist break, when one of his paintings was featured in Erykah Badu's 'Next Lifetime' music video.[4]


Miles’ work consists mainly of oversized canvases, often stretching up to twenty-two feet in length and/or height. In addition to the larger pieces, the artist also finds himself drawn to stylized expressions on various sized canvas, linens, diptychs, triptychs and objects like cell phone cases, clothing and fashion accessories, recycled denim, newspapers, wood assemblage and most recently digital 3D. Miles' work has been described as "a force of a Caribbean nature, completely unstoppable and his creativity absolutely relentless".[5] And as "a very prolific painter". He is said to be "a hard worker, committed and passionate, excited and sincere, and his work is a reflection of these qualities. Being a father and a husband also informs his work and he strives to create a better place in which to live, no doubt for himself, and absolutely for the children he is raising so beautifully".[5] While serious collectors can find themselves caught in a whirlwind of themes and series he has developed over the years, selections of his work are also available in print through Edition One Hundred.[6] Miles is also that rare breed who is pursued by celebrities rather than the other way around, and he's a refreshingly down to earth person whose perspective is an inspiration to anyone who aspires to a creative career. His work is evocative and filled with rhythms and movement, life, and color. It's challenging and filled with depth and meaning.[4] Regis is known for his work with drip painting and collage that is different and interesting. He plays with colors and shapes in a way that many other artists have not, creating unique and eye catching pieces with distinct messages for his audience. He creates art in a way that challenges the public, making them think and look a little bit closer.[7] The thread running through this prolific painter’s work is strong, free-form brushstrokes, all manifestations of a confident spirit. Regis studied painting, singing and writing, worked as a singer in Trinidad, then pursued creative writing at USC. All of these influences are apparent in his work. Primitive figurative forms, often leaning toward abstraction, reflect his classic training. Dancing figures are in several pieces, while written statements on paintings draw on his creative writing background. His work has traces of his Trinidadian heritage. In a 2009 interview he spoke of a Trinidadian mythology series he has been working on: In Trinidad, there are Soucouyants, La Diablesses and Duennes.[4] I mean, it's based on Trinidadian folklore. So it's derived from Africa, our African heritage. Really just fascinating characters that we grew up in Trinidad hearing about. They are creatures of the night. He also spoke of his technique in the 2009 interview with The Art of The Interview: I tend to mix a lot of colors. At least, that's the direction I'm going in right now. And also mix different textures. Not to give away my secrets or anything, but I mix oil-based paint with water-based paint a lot. So it's who I am, a whole lot of mixture of cultures and experiences and people and variations going on. So all is expressed on that canvas, the best way that I can, you know.[4]

With such a diverse medium interest, Miles has developed exclusive merchandise for American Rag Cie, Zagg Incorporated, Music Skins and fashion mogul Tonny Sorensen.[8] He also creates customized apparel for a wide range of clientele around the world. Philanthropy and humanitarian efforts have always been a part of Miles’ worldview. He has teamed with numerous non-profits over the years to garner support for issues such as AIDS/HIV Awareness, LBGT Equal Rights, children’s art education, underserved community development and foreign relief efforts. In 2010, Miles partnered with The Remedee Foundation in effort to bring art, film, and technology together for youth education in underserved communities around the world. In January 2011, with the support from Intel and Adobe, and in conjunction with Art Technology Labs,[9] Miles’ 3D Art Project made its debut exhibiting at CES inside the famed Intel Booth. Listed as one of the top 5 uses of 3D at CES by the International Business Times,[10] the project is a one-of-a-kind artistic collaboration using original works from renowned artist Miles Regis and art technology visionary, Brian Quandt. Utilizing leading edge technologies including 2D-3D conversion, glasses-free viewing and more, the 3D Art Project offers viewers a never-before seen art experience. As a viewer sees the layers within the paintings at varying depths in 3D, he/she is also witnessing the chronological and emotional progression of the artwork as it was being made – the beginning of the painting furthest from the viewer, and each additional layer on planes closer to the viewer. The duo continued their 3D collaboration with Intel at the 2011 Coachella Music Festival. For the Coachella Valley Music And Art Festival and its 80,000 attendees, Miles created new canvas rendered to 3D. The work was entitled, “The Music Peace.” The work was part of the kick-off for an international tour with the Creators Project, a collaborative effort between Intel and Vice, celebrating art, music, and culture.[11] For 2011, the Creator's Project toured Beijing, Seoul, Lyon, Paris, São Paulo, and New York.

Recent career highlights[edit]

Art Basel Miami, Manifest Justice 2015, bG Gallery, California African American Museum, HardEdged 2015, [12] Buena Park City Hall, Solo Exhibit, 2012[13] Santa Monica Museum of Art, Incognito, 2012 Affordable Art Fair Los Angeles, 2012[14] Innovation Award Winner, New Media Film Festival, 2011[15] Coachella Music And Art Festival, Creator's Project, 2011 Joanne Artman Gallery, Solo Exhibit, 2011[16] The Works Gallery, Featured Artist, 2011 CES, Intel Partnership, 3D Art Exhibition 2011[17] Skin Deep, Group Exhibition, 2011 Made in America, Group Exhibition, 2011 Santa Monica Museum of Art, Group Exhibition, 2010 Miracle Mile Art Walk, Solo Exhibition, 2010 Brand Licensing, Zagg Incorporated, 2010 Manifest Equality, Featured Artist, 2010[18] American Rag Cie, Solo Exhibition, 2010 Pounder Kone Art Gallery, Solo Exhibition 2009 [19] NextAid World’s Aids Day, Featured Artist 2009[20] Brand Licensing, American Rag Cie, 2009[21] CNN African Voices, Featured Segment, 2009 Untitled Miles Regis Documentary, 2009–Present


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