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Duke of Sorbs (Serbs)[1]
"rex superbus qui regnabat in Siurbis"[2]
Sclavorum dux'
Reignca. 790 to 806

Miliduch (also Miliduh and Polish: Miłyduch, Serbian: Милидух, Latin: Miliduoch; d. 806) was a knyaz of the Lusatian Serbs (Sorbs).[3] Formerly allied to Charlemagne, the Sorbs ended their vassalage to the Franks and rebelled, invading Austrasia. Charles the Younger launched a campaign against the Slavs in Bohemia in 805, and after killing Duke Lecho of the Bohemians, Charles himself crossed the Saale with his army and killed Miliduch and knyaz Nussito (Nessyta), near modern-day Weißenfels, in 806.[4] The region was laid to waste, upon which the other Slavic chieftains submitted and gave hostages.[5][6]

Preceded by
last held by
Frankish rule
Duke of Sorbs
fl. 790 - 806
Succeeded by


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