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Military Armament Corporation is a defunct American manufacturer of small arms, co-founded by Gordon Ingram, an engineer and gun designer, and Mitchell WerBell, owner of SIONICS, which manufactured gun silencers. It is known for manufacturing the MAC-10 and MAC-11 machine pistols in the 1970s.


In 1969, Ingram joined SIONICS as a Chief Engineer. WerBell added his patented silencer, manufactured by SIONICs to Ingram's machine pistol design, to create the MAC-10. The company focused on the military market, and attempted to sell the MAC-10 to the US Army for use in the Vietnam War. WerBell and Ingram demonstrated the MAC-10 to several units of the US Army, and in 1970 convinced a group of investors, Quantum Corp, that it might replace the .45 M1911 pistol as the standard sidearm of the Army. The investors formed a new company - Military Armament Corporation - to make and sell this weapon. WerBell became president of the new company[1] and Ingram Chief Engineer, but within a year, the investors had ousted both him and Ingram from the company.[2] SIONICS was later absorbed by Military Armament Corporation.

It stopped producing the firearms in 1973, due to internal company politics,[2] and filed for bankruptcy in 1975.[3]


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