Millennium 1990–2000 (album)

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Millennium 1990-2000
Compilation album by Junoon
Released 2000
Recorded 1991-1999 at Nyack Studios, New York, United States
Genre Sufi rock
Producer John Alec, Salman Ahmad
Junoon chronology
Millennium 1990-2000
The Videos 1990-2000
(2000)The Videos 1990-20002000

Millennium 1990-2000 is the second compilation album and the seventh overall album released by Pakistani rock band, Junoon. It was released in 2000. The album features some best songs of band. It also includes two live versions of "Allah Hu", "Lal Meri Pat". It includes emotive song "Azadi" from the movie based on the life of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan. The song is a tribute to Jinnah and his work towards the creation of Pakistan. "Azadi" is followed by Neend Ati Nhin one of Junoon's early hits. It also features sufi songs such as Ghoom which has emotve guitar solo and emotive vocals. It has Junoon's patriotic song Jazba-e-Junoon which was released as single for the 1996 Cricket World Cup. Released in 2000 album was received well in Pakistan.

Track listings[edit]

All music written & composed by Salman Ahmad and Sabir Zafar.

  1. Azadi (For "JINNAH" The Movie)
  2. Neend Aati Nahin
  3. Maine Kabhi
  4. Khwab
  5. Rooh Ki Pyaas
  6. Mahi
  7. Jazba-e-Junoon
  8. Muk Gay Nay
  9. Ghoom
  10. Sajna
  11. Yaar Bina
  12. Lal Meri Pat (Live)
  13. Allah Hu (Live)

The Videos 1990–2000[edit]

The Videos 1990-2000
Video by Junoon
Released 2000
Recorded 1991-2000
Genre Rock
Producer Salman Ahmad
Brian O'Connell
Junoon chronology
Millennium 1990-2000
(2000)Millennium 1990-20002000
The Videos 1990-2000

Junoon released a similar album in the year 2000 to celebrate their 10th anniversary as a band. The Videos 1990-2000 is the third compilation album and the eighth overall album of the band. The album contains the music videos of all the songs, present in Millennium 1990-2000.

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