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Millennium Records was started by longtime record executive Russ Regan in 1976. The label was distributed by the independent Casablanca label, run by another record industry mainstay, Neil Bogart.

The label's best-selling artist was electronic music pioneer Meco, whose disco cover of John Williams "Star Wars/Cantina Band" cues from Star Wars was a number 1 hit in 1977. In 1978, Meco followed up with two more movie-inspired hits for the label: a number 25 hit "Theme From Close Encounters" and a number 35 hit "Themes From The Wizard of Oz".

In 1981, Don McLean had three hits on the Millennium label: "Crying" which peaked at number 5; a number 23 song, "Since I Don't Have You" and a number 36 song, "Castles in the Air".[1]

Also between 1981 and 1982, the band Frankie & The Knockouts had three top 100 hits on Millennium: "Sweetheart" at number 10, "You're My Girl" at number 27, and "Without You" at number 24.

The company switched distribution to RCA Records in the early 1980s before folding.


  • MNLP 2000 Daniel Conti and the Millennium
  • MNLP 8000 Bruce Foster After The Show
  • MNLP 8001 Meco Music Inspired By Star Wars And Other Galactic Funk
  • MNLP 8002 Brooklyn Dreams Brooklyn Dreams
  • MNLP 8003 The Godz The Godz
  • MNLP 8004 Meco Encounters Of Every Kind
  • MNLP 8005 Lori Lieberman Letting Go
  • MNLP 8007 Joey Travolta Joey Travolta
  • MNLP 8009 Meco The Wizard Of Oz
  • MNLP 8010 The Godz Nothing Is Sacred
  • BXL1-7745 Yipes Yipes!
  • BXL1-7747 Bruce Cockburn Dancing in the Dragon's Jaws
  • BXL1-7748 Tommy James Three Times In Love
  • BXL1-7749 Rose* Worlds Apart
  • BXL1-7750 Yipes! A Bit Irrational
  • BXL1-7753 Jonny Destry & Destiny Girls, Rock 'N Roll & Cars
  • BXL1-7754 Rose Behind The Lines
  • BXL1-7755 Frankie & The Knockouts Frankie & The Knockouts
  • BXL1-7756 Don McLean Chain Lightning
  • BXL1-7757 Bruce Cockburn Resume
  • BXL1-7759 Chilliwack Wanna Be a Star
  • BXL1-7762 Don McLean Believers
  • BXL1-7763 Frankie & The Knockouts Below The Belt
  • BXL1-7766 Chilliwack Opus X
  • BXL1-7768 Rodway* Horizontal Hold


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