Millî Piyango İdaresi

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Millî Piyango İdaresi
Region Turkey
Northern Cyprus
Shown on MPI website

Millî Piyango İdaresi (MPI, English: National Lottery Administration) is the Turkish national lottery body.

Established on 1 June 1993, it operates a variety of games besides the main Millî Piyango (tr), including Sayısal Loto (6/49) (tr), Süper Loto (6/54) (tr), Şans Topu (5/34 + 1/14) (tr), and On Numara (22/80) (tr).[1]

An attempt to privatise it was cancelled in 2008 after bidders failed to meet the government's $1.6bn valuation.[2]

Milli Piyango has arranged some sports sponsorship, including of the Maliye Milli Piyango SK and Milli Piyango Curling Arena.


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