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Millicent Binks
Born 1987 (age 29–30)
Gorleston, England
Occupation Burlesque Performer, Actress, Model

Millicent Binks (born 1987) is an international burlesque dancer and columnist for the London Evening Standard.[1]

Early years[edit]

Binks grew up in Suffolk, England. Her father is a nuclear physicist and her mother is a linguist.


When Binks first moved to London she enrolled on a Creative Writing degree at the University of Roehampton which she dropped out of after three months to pursue a burlesque career, but kept writing for her own pleasure.

In April 2011 the London Evening Standard approached her to be their new sex columnist. Her writing style is tongue-in-cheek and humorous, whilst documenting her and her friends' sex lives such as Annette Betté Kellow in London regularly commenting on fashion and lingerie, with a loyal readership of up to 2 million every week.[2]


Fascinated with the performance art and burlesque she came across in London, she decided to try it herself, combing her love of costume, dance and old fashioned femininity. She debuted at a Valentine’s burlesque show at Lounge Lover London in 2008, where she performed her ‘English Rose Show’ which got known as her signature act in which she plucks giant petals from her girdle.[3] She soon became a regular on the cabaret circuit in London, then branched out to many European burlesque nights. She performed her English Rose show in 2009 at The Gentry De Paris Revue with Dita Von Teese who Millicent is greatly influenced by.[4] Her performance residencies have been at White Blackbird Country House Parties (the first of which she famously posed in a bath of hot chocolate)[5] and at a monthly burlesque night in Istanbul.[6]


Millicent has starred in three short films by the Hellenic Academy Award-winning cinematographer Marcus Waterloo.

  • La Mer d’Amour by Marcus Waterloo (2008) (shortlisted for Virgin Media Shorts 2009)
  • Little Troubles by Marcus Waterloo (2010)
  • Black Widow by Marcus Waterloo (2010)


Millicent modeled for and was interviewed by the Agent Provocateur magazine Knickers Forever in August 2009.[7] She is the face of Jean Ellis Millinery.[8]

She was the face of Les Nereides Jewellery 2010. She has modeled for many lingerie brands including Mint Siren, Playful Promises and What Katie Did.

She is featured as a pinup girl in the hit iPhone app Pocketclock.[9]


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