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Operating systemClassic Mac OS
TypeOutliner/Word Processor

MindWrite is an early word processor designed for Macintosh computers. It was published by DeltaPoint. It appeared after MacWrite and has several features that make it appealing to users. It can create multi-level outlines and show them in full, only the first-level outline level or any number of levels desired. Files that are in outline format can easily be changed to regular essay format. This word processor can also alphabetize lists (by the first word in each list element). It cannot be used on Macintosh systems higher than 7.0.


In a survey of five Macintosh word processors, Compute!'s Apple Applications in 1987 wrote that MindWrite's "word processor is a pleasure in itself", and stated that the "excellent outline processor fuses directly with" it. The magazine criticized its slow speed, however, and suggested that customers might want to wait until bugs were fixed.[1]

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