List of Classic Mac OS software

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This is a list of old Macintosh software that no longer runs on current Macs. The software might require Mac OS 9 or other versions of the classic Mac OS that doesn't run on Apple's current Macs. Note that most old programs can still be run using emulators, such as SheepShaver, vMac, or Basilisk II.

For a list of current programs, see List of Mac software. Third-party databases include VersionTracker, MacUpdate and iUseThis. Since a list like this might grow too big and become unmanageable, this list is confined to those programs for which a Wikipedia article exists.

Children's and Educational Software


Developer Tools and IDEs[edit]


Graphics, Layout, and Desktop Publishing[edit]

Networking and Telecommunications[edit]

Office and Productivity[edit]

Operating systems[edit]


Screen savers[edit]



Web browsers[edit]

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