Mind over Four

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Mind over Four
Origin Orange County, California, United States
Genres punk, Alternative metal, progressive metal
Years active 1983–1995
Associated acts Corporate Avenger, Humble Gods, Mindfunk, KMFDM, Overbreaker
Members Spike Xavier
Mike Jensen
Mark Fullerton
Rich Castillo
Past members Jeff Koegel
Dave Hamilton
Steve Crow
Lou Gaez
Dan Colburn

Mind over Four (occasionally written as Mind over 4) was an American heavy metal music group based out of Orange County, California. They started life as a sort of psychedelic punk band but eventually began creating their own unique brand of fierce prog/metal. In interviews they often referred to their music as "experimetal". BNR Metal Pages describes them as "occupy[ing] that gray area between metal and uncommercial hard rock, but with a quirkiness in the songwriting that makes them difficult to describe or categorize".[1] During the course of the band, they recorded six albums and brought their electrifying live show to 14 countries and many national U.S. tours.

The band dissolved shortly after the release of their 1995 album, Empty Hands. Singer Spike Xavier went on to play bass in his brother's band Humble Gods. He also played bass for the funk/metal band Mindfunk and eventually founded Corporate Avenger with Mindfunk vocalist Pat Dubar. Mike Jensen toured with KMFDM as guitar player and later joined the short lived band Overbreaker. Mike has released solo material under the name of Michael Fordays. Rich Castillo released an eclectic mix of solo material ranging from Zappa influenced comedy to smooth jazz instrumentals. Mark Fullerton worked on the production side of the film industry in Los Angeles for 15 years before moving to Utah. He now plays drums in a classic rock cover band called Mesozoic. In the fall of 2014, MO4 was rumored to be in talks of recording a new CD.

In the August 21, 1993 issue of Kerrang magazine, a review of Mind Over Four's The Goddess album read: "At their best, they're untouchable, unbelievable, perhaps the metal discovery of the '90s...utter perfection".

On the back cover photo of the Pantera album Vulgar Display of Power, Phil Anselmo can be seen wearing one of the band's T-shirts.


Previous members[edit]

  • Jeff Koegel - bass
  • Dave Hamilton - bass
  • Dean R - drums
  • "Dan" - drums
  • Steve Crow - guitar (Desperate Expression - Self release '83)
  • Lou Gaez - drums (Desperate Expression - Self release '83)
  • Dan Colburn - bass
  • Sean Elliott - bass


  • Desperate Expression (1983) (self-released)
  • Out Here (1987) (XXX records)
  • Mind Over Four (1989) (Destiny Records)
  • The Goddess (1990) (Caroline)
  • Half Way Down (1993) (Restless)
  • Empty Hands (1995) (Fierce)


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