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Origin Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Genres Hardcore punk
Years active 1993—present
Labels Trial & Error, Resist, Goodlife Recordings
Associated acts Frenzal Rhomb, Toe to Toe, Blood Duster, Within Blood, Demonother, Blister, Mid Youth Crisis
Website www.myspace.com/mindsnarehc
Members Matt Maunder
Nigel Melder
Gordy Forman
Past members Bomber, Brad

Mindsnare are an Australian hardcore band from Melbourne, Victoria. Formed in 1993 under the name Mad Circle, their music is a blend of traditional "old school" hardcore punk and crossover metal,[1] and as such has seen them play alongside metal bands like Kreator and Ringworm,[2] as well as more straightforward hardcore acts like Agnostic Front, Sick of it All and Australia's Toe To Toe.[3] Mindsnare have been described as "one of the most influential bands of the past decade " by Missing Link Records.[4]


  • 1996: Credulity LP
  • 1996: Split with Toe To Toe EP
  • 1997: White EP EP
  • 1998: Under Fire (93-96) LP
  • 1999: Split with Congress CD
  • 2001: Downside Eastside CD/EP
  • 2004: 1997-1999: The Bootleg CD
  • 2004: Hanged, Choked, Wrists Slit CD
  • 2004: The Death CD/LP
  • 2006: Gasman 7"
  • 2007: Disturb the Hive CD/LP
  • 2011: Split with Ringworm EP

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