Miners of Muzo

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Miners of Muzo
Origin Tilburg, Netherlands
Genres Rock
Years active 1983 - present
Website Official Website
Members Léon Lemmen
Gert Jan Smits
Marc Lemmen
Wannes Rombouts
Kasper Dam (Kazzman)

Miners of Muzo are a Dutch-based rock band that started out in 1983, founded in the city of Tilburg by singer and songwriter Leon Lemmen.


The band name was picked out of a short list of names without further meaning (It was also the name of a BBC documentary on the outlaw emerald miners of the Colombian city Muzo). Pretty much bored of what was going on musically back then, they chose to seek the gut feeling of rock music again. Anti- shoe gazing rock music with lots of electric guitar and organ. On the first album The Birthday Party influences are still evident, but as from the second album APOGEE, the style becomes more melodic and very 60’s influenced. In 10 years time 7 albums and 5 singles were released and numerous gigs and tours through the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and especially France had followed. They were also the first Dutch rock band to play at SXSW in Austin Texas in 1990.

At the end of the 90s the Miners paused. Feeling it was time for a break. Keyboard player Dan was no longer in the band and lives in Amsterdam. Marc had been playing with American singer Pat Mears but returned to the band in 95. For a while they called themselves Funrazor to see if it was possible to start with a clean slate without any legacy. But then after 2 years they returned to the original name again and started to build a recording studio in their own rehearsal garage. When the studio became better equipped new songs were recorded and the songs from those years are captured in a double CD “Love & Life part II” which is only available as a download on their website.

Hans left the country shortly after that and has a new life as a farmer in France. Since 2010 The Miners started playing live again occasionally and they were joined by guitarist Wannes Rombouts and drummer Kasper Dam. The long-awaited new album: "Really...is that a fact" has been released in January 2013 (distribution by Clearspot).

Early December 2013 original drummer GJ suffered a fatal heart attack and died sadly. Due to lack of time and other obligations, Wannes Rombouts is no longer active with the Miners. At the same time Miners of Muzo is playing again as HOLY JOE & the ALCOHOLITES, an alter ego band about Joe the Rock'n Roll Bishop. A band which only plays 60s garage songs, mainly covers (something they always have been doing alongside the Miners material). Lead guitar is played by 19 year old Frankie Lamberts aka Frankie Fuzz.

In 2016 the Miners of Muzo will resume recording new material.


  • Leon Lemmen – vocals/guitars
  • Gert Jan Smits † – Drums
  • Marc Lemmen – Bass guitar
  • Wannes Rombouts – Guitar
  • Kasper Dam (Kazzman) – Drums


  • In Surf of Fish — Eksakt Records [Mini LP] 1983
  • Apogee — Eksakt Records –LP 1984
  • Hey Gypsy Woman — Eksakt Records [7"] 1984
  • Beauty is Pain — Eksakt Records, G.M.G France, Music Box Greece [LP] 1986
  • Dig Deep For… — Eksakt Records, Ediesta UK [LP] 1987
  • Make My Day — Eksakt Records, Music Maniac Germany [LP] 1988
  • Sandman — Eksakt Records [7"] 1988
  • Make My Day (has 6 bonus tracks from “Beauty is Pain”) Music Maniac Germany [CD] 1989
  • Hey Gypsy Woman — Spliff France [7"] 1989
  • Are You There — Silenz/Columbus [Mini CD/MC] 1990
  • Love & Live Storybook — Silenz [LP/MC/CD] 1990
  • No One — Silenz [7"] 1990
  • Robin & Mary Ann — Silenz [CD single] 1990
  • Beauty Queen of Beach Rock City — Silenz [CD single]1990
  • About Time — (Anthology) Music Maniac Germany [CD] 1993
  • Love & Life part II (diggin' the Future) 1997-2007 — Double album, only available as a download from minersofmuzo.com [MP3] 2011
  • Really... is that a Fact? — MoM Productions/Clearspot [CD] 2012-2013

Line Ups[edit]

The first line up in the early beginning

  • Leon Lemmen— Lead vocals and bass guitar
  • Hans Vroom— Lead guitar and vocals
  • Daan Appels— Saxophone, percussion, keyboards and vocals
  • Ruud Diederiks— Drums
  • Monique van Dusseldorp— Keyboards

Second Line up (first album In Surf of Fish )

  • Leon Lemmen— Lead vocals, bass guitar, guitar
  • Hans Vroom— Lead guitar and vocals
  • Daan Appels— Keyboards, Saxophone, percussion, and vocals
  • Marc Van Gennip— Drums

Third Line up (second album APOGEE)

  • Leon Lemmen— Lead vocals, bass guitar, guitar
  • Hans Vroom— Lead guitar and vocals
  • Daan Appels— Keyboards, Saxophone, percussion, and vocals
  • Gert Jan Smits— Drums

Fourth Line up (since 3rd album Beauty is Pain)

  • Leon Lemmen— Lead vocals, guitar
  • Hans Vroom— Lead guitar and vocals
  • Daan Appels— Keyboards,and vocals
  • Gert Jan Smits— Drums
  • Marc Lemmen— Bass guitar

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