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The Minerva Project is a for-profit educational organization that provides technology, infrastructure and support services for the Minerva Schools at KGI, a four-year undergraduate program created by the Minerva Project and Keck Graduate Institute.[1][2] According to its founder, Ben Nelson, the Minerva Project provides “a reinvented university experience for bright and motivated students.”[3]


The Minerva Project was founded by CEO and Chairman Ben Nelson in 2011 and received a $25 million seed investment from Benchmark Capital in 2012 — which was, at the time, the largest seed-stage funding in the venture capital firm’s history.[4][5][6] The Minerva Project announced a partnership with Keck Graduate Institute to form the Minerva Schools at KGI in 2013.[7] A book describing the Minerva Project's origins is now available. [8]


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