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2nd generation Mini-Oberhasli

The Mini Oberhasli, also called an Oberian, and formally called Miniature Oberhasli, is a dairy goat that was created by breeding a Nigerian Dwarf with an Oberhasli. It is most often colored red bay with black markings, although it also may be pure black and only rarely red (not accepted for registration). The Mini-Oberhasli should be a mid-sized version of the Oberhasli dairy goat. At this time, one trait that came exclusively from their Nigerian ancestors is still allowed: blue eyes.

Mini-Oberhasli goats produce from 4 to 10 pounds of milk per day. They are registered by the privately owned Miniature Dairy Goat Association (MDGA) and The Miniature Goat Registry (TMGR), which is a nonprofit corporation. The minimum height for does is 21 inches and 23 inches for bucks. Maximum height standards for purebreds are 28 inches for does and 30 inches for bucks (TMGR).

Mini oberhaslis are considered purebred after six generations of breeding Mini-Oberhasli to Mini-Oberhasli. Red bay and black are accepted colors at this time, with small amounts of white allowed. The final purebred Oberian should still be approximately 50% Nigerian and 50% Oberhasli. The first generation is called F-1, the second is called F-2, and so on until F-6 where the F designation is removed and the offspring are considered purebred.

Oberians are considered by some to be the ideal urban dairy goat because they are smaller than standard dairy goats, give more milk than Nigerian Dwarves, and have gentle, friendly and quiet personalities. First fresheners often have only one kid, but older does can have from one to four kids per pregnancy.

Comment from SNT Farms: We have had several sets of Quads from our Mini-Obers and one set of Quints. The Dam was able to nurse all five well enough we did not have to do any supplemental bottle feeding. (see picture to the right)

Champion junior doe
Quintuplets! (photo by SNT Farms)

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