Ministry of Defence and Veterans Affairs (Uganda)

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Ministry of Defence and Veterans Affairs
Coat of arms of Uganda.svg
Coat of Arms of Uganda
Ministry overview
Type Ministry
Jurisdiction Government of Uganda
Headquarters Chwa II Road, Mbuya
Kampala, Uganda
Ministry executive
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The Ministry of Defence and Veterans Affairs (MODVA) is a government ministry responsible for the national defence and security of Uganda.[1] In this capacity, its role is to preserve, defend and protect the people, property, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Uganda, contributing to regional stability and supporting international peace initiatives.[2]


The headquarters of the ministry are located in the Mbuya Military Barracks, on Chwa II Road, in the Nakawa Division of the city of Kampala, Uganda's capital and largest city.[3][4] The coordinates of the headquarters of the ministry are: 0°19'36.0"N, 32°37'53.0"E (Latitude:0.326656; Longitude:32.631375).[5]


The ministry oversees the Uganda People's Defence Forces (UPDF). This ensures that the UPDF is ultimately answerable to the people of Uganda, while it remains professional, with focus on protecting its citizens, defending national sovereignty and contributing to regional stability.[6]

Organisational structure[edit]

Administratively, the ministry is oranised into three departments: the Department of Administration, Department of Finance, and Department of Logistics. The Permanent Secretary is the Chief Executive and Chief Accounting Officer for the entire ministry.[6]


The ministry is headed by a cabinet minister. The current Minister of Defence, since 6 June 2016, is Adolf Mwesige.[7] He is deputised by the Minister of State, currently Colonel Charles Engola Okello.[8]

Uganda People's Defence Force[edit]

During the colonial days, the national defence forces were named King's African Rifles (KAR). Later the name changed to Uganda Rifles (UR) and then Uganda Army (UA). The force that fought the Uganda Bush War, from 8 February 1981 to 26 January 1986, was called the National Liberation Army. In 1995, when a new constitution was promulgated, the name was changed to Uganda People's Defence Force.[9]

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Coordinates: 00°19′36″N 32°37′53″E / 0.32667°N 32.63139°E / 0.32667; 32.63139