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The Royal Norwegian Ministry of Postal Affairs (Norwegian: Postdepartementet) was a Norwegian ministry that existed from 1860 to 1861. It was responsible for postal affairs.

It was established on 18 August 1860 as a successor of the General Post Directorate, which had been separated from the Ministry of the Interior as a government agency in 1857. It ceased to exist already on 1 October 1861, when it was merged with the Ministry of the Navy to form the Norwegian Ministry of the Navy and Postal Affairs.[1]

The heads of the Ministry of Postal Affairs were Ketil Motzfeldt (1860), Erik Røring Møinichen (1860-1861), Christian Ludvig Diriks (temporary, 1861) and Erik Røring Møinichen again (1861).[2]

A short-lived Ministry of Postal Affairs existed for some months in 1885. It was headed by Birger Kildal.[3]


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