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Mink is a group of semi-aquatic furry mammals.

Mink may also refer to:


  • mink (director) or Christopher Morrison, American film director and graphic novel writer
  • Mink (singer) (born 1984), Japanese-Korean singer
  • Mink (comics), a character in the Marvel Comics series Squadron Supreme
  • Mink (manga), a magical-girl manga by Megumi Tachikawa
  • Mink, protagonist of the manga Dragon Half
  • The Minks in One Piece


People with the given name[edit]

Other uses[edit]

  • Mink (surname)
  • Mink is an open source browser controller/emulator for web applications, written in PHP 5.
  • USS Mink (IX-123), an American navy vessel
  • Mink Brook, a tributary of the Connecticut River
  • Mink Peak, a mountain in Antarctica
  • Make Mine Mink, a 1960 British comedy directed by Robert Asher and featuring Terry-Thomas, Athene Seyler, Hattie Jacques, Billie Whitelaw, Elspeth Duxbury, Jack Hedley and Raymond Huntley, with cameos by Kenneth Williams and Irene Handl
  • Mink Building, located at 1361 Amsterdam Avenue between 126th and 128th Streets, is a five-story red brick structure in the Harlem/Manhattanville neighborhood of New York City
  • Mink frog, a small species of frog native to the United States and Canada
  • Mink Jazz, a 1963 studio album by Peggy Lee, arranged by Benny Carter and Max Bennett
  • Mink Lungs, a Brooklyn-area band began in 1993 as Jennifer Hoopes and Gian Carlo Feleppa were working at a diner in the Hamptons
  • Mink Trapping, a book published in 1906
  • Mink oil, made from mink fat and originates from China; the fat that is made into this oil is stored just beneath the skin and is removed from pelts destined for the fur industry; the fat is rendered into mink oil
  • Sea mink, an extinct North American member of the family Mustelidae
  • Walt Mink, a power trio, is an indie rock band formed at Macalester College, St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1989


  • Mink, Rat or Rabbit, the first album by The Detroit Cobras, released 24 February 1998 (see 1998 in music)