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Mirja Boes, 2012

Mirja Boes (born 3 September 1971 in Viersen), also known under her stage name Möhre, is a German comedian, actress, and singer. The name Möhre is German for "carrot". Boes produces comedic party music, and also has released tracks of spoken comedy. She has released a number of singles and has also recorded with some other German musicians as part of the Mallorca All-Stars. She won a 2007 German Comedy Award as a member of the ensemble of Frei Schnauze (Best Comedy Show), and 2008 German Comedy Award (Best Comedian).


She graduated from Dülken Municipal School in 1991, and studied at the University of Düsseldorf and at the University of Music and Theatre Leipzig.

In 1994, she was a member of the theater company Compagnia 82. In 1996, she was with the Die Fabulösen Thekenschlampen. She also played in improvisational theater Frizzles.

In the summer of 2001, she performed under her stage name Carrot, in the nightclub Upper Bavaria in Palma, Majorca. She released their first single. In 2003, her second single "Wir ham doch keine Zeit ..." was a hit. She was also one of the Mallorca Allstars. In 2003, she hosted for RTL 2. Since 2002, she appears regularly on television. Together with the comedians Ralf Schmitz (since 2006 Mathias Schlung), and Markus Majowski. They played until the end of 2006 in the comedy sketches show Die Dreisten Drei. There, she was replaced by Janine Kunze.

She had guest appearances on "TV total", "Elton.tv", "Anke Late Night", "open muzzle", "Clueless Genius" and the "Gong Show".In 2005, Boes played alongside Tom Gerhardt in the feature film Siegfried and in a comedy adaptation of Impy's Island. From December 2006 to May 2007, she hosted the Karaoke Showdown, and played the lead in the RTL - series Angie, from 2006 to 2008.

Since autumn 2007, she toured her first solo performance, tomorrow I'll end! ... Probably!, where she appeared at the Cologne Comedy Festival.

Boes was right at the beginning of 2008 with Jan Sosniok in the film African race seen on RTL in which she was in the lead role in the search for the missing diamonds, the largest in the world. She has a radio show on 1LIVE, "All lies with Mirja Boes".

In January 2009, she published her first book of his own diaries Boese: unspeakably embarrassing in Wunderlich Verlag. In addition, the same audio book was published, which itself reads Boes. She had a sketch comedy tour "Ich bin Boes", from February to April 2010. In mid-November 2010, her tour "I'm growing up next week!" was canceled prematurely because Boes was pregnant at the time. In spring 2011, the program was continued.


She gave birth on 3 January 2011 to a boy.[1][2]


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