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Mirramu Dance Company is an Australian contemporary dance company founded in early 2002 by Australian dance pioneer Elizabeth Cameron Dalman[1] (the founder of Australian Dance Theatre) and dancer–choreographer Vivienne Rogis.

The company is based at Mirramu Creative Arts Centre on the shores of Lake George, New South Wales; it is primarily a project-based company, gathering together its dancers to develop and perform projects on an as-needs basis. It has performed in every Australian city (with performances at the Australian National Gallery, the Workworks Gallery and smaller more intimate venues) and internationally, including Bulgaria, Taiwan, U.S.A, Italy, New Zealand and France.

It has a cross-cultural emphasis with strong involvement from Indigenous Australian dancers as well as Japan and has a close relationship with the Taiwanese Grace Hsiao Dance Theatre.

Mirramu Dance Company also has a strong focus on collaborate across media and performance disciplines and has worked with sculptors, painters and multimedia artists.

A strong community focus is also evident with high levels of regional community involvement via workshops, forums and events associated with each professional production.



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