Mirror Mirror (Ghinzu album)

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Mirror Mirror
Studio album by Ghinzu
Released March 30, 2009 (FR, BEL, CH)
July 30, 2010 (JAP, HK, AUS)
August 20, 2010 (EU)
Genre Alternative rock, Progressive rock, Electronic
Length 46:52
Label PIAS
Producer Ghinzu, Christine Verschorren, Dimitri Tikovoi
Ghinzu chronology
Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror is the third album by Belgian rock band Ghinzu. It has been released in March 30, 2009 in Belgium (via PIAS), France (via Universal) and Switzerland. The first single from the record was Cold Love for Belgium, while Take It Easy was chosen for France. Mirror Mirror was later released internationally, during the summer 2010. It received a CD release in Japan, Hong Kong, Australia[1] and Continental Europe and a digital release elsewhere.

The record has a wider and more electronic sound than Blow. Some songs gathered together form a musical movement (for instance with Mother Allegra, Mirror Mirror, The Dream Maker or the three pieces ending the album). Mirror Mirror obtained immediate success in Belgium, reaching number 2 in the Walloon charts[2] and in France where it reached the top 20.[3] Though not as popular in Flanders, Ghinzu received some radio airplay for titles like Cold Love, Take it Easy and This War Is Silent, which allowed them to play major festival Rock Werchter in July 2009.[4]

By the end of 2009, Ghinzu was voted best band of the year by the readers of Belgian newspaper Le Soir and Mirror Mirror had sold 47,000 copies in the territories it had already been released (which were at the time Benelux, France and Switzerland).[5]

On December 6, 2010, an EP of remixes of Mirror Mirror titles was digitally released as The Mirror Mirror Remix EP. It includes five remixes by producers and DJ's such as Jagz Kooner, 80 KIDZ and Mustang as well as the yet unreleased song Chocolate that the band performed during its 2010 concerts.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Cold Love (4:28)
  2. Take It Easy (4:09)
  3. Mother Allegra (3:05)
  4. Mirror Mirror (5:15)
  5. Dream Maker (3:13)
  6. The End of the World (3:51)
  7. This Light (4:21)
  8. This War Is Silent (4:37)
  9. Je T'attendrai (3:39)/ Joy, Success, Happiness (on the French released album)
  10. Birds in My Head (1:59)
  11. Kill the Surfers (3:07)
  12. Interstellar Orgy (6:20)

Note: "Je t'attendrai" and "Joy, Success, Happiness" are the same song, but they are sung in French and English respectively. The lyrics are different. On the French version of the album, "Je t'attendrai" does not feature, being replaced by its anglophone homologue.